ScreenshotsAfter the call
Click "My Videos"
Click the video you just made
Here it is, but no title or description
So touch (Add title)
...and enter a title
Then touch (Add description)
...and enter that too
Now you have a title and description
You can also add hashtags...
any tag you like
Video is now tagged
Attach elected officials to video
Look them up by address
Enter your residential address
View all your elected officials
Click the checkmark to select
Just selected James Talarico
Let's go back to the video...
Here he is!
Now click him...
Here's all his contact info
Or you can look up by region
Example: Texas State House
Find James this way also
Now let's email James :)
The email is prepared for you! BOOM!
Or we can tag him...
FB post created for you! Also BOOM!
Can't leave Twitter out
Here's your tweet