Video calls just got simple
Like, really simple
Like, no-app-to-download simple
1-Click Record
1-Click Publish
Record and publish video calls with one click. No .mp4 files to upload and download.

When your video is ready, we text you the link. You share. Everyone wins!

No Genius Required
Not a genius? Don't have to be.

If you can click a link, you can be on a HeadsUp call

No App to Download
Wanna download another app?

Didn't think so

That's why we made HeadsUp browser-based. Because who wants to download another app?

Yeah ...neither do we

Works on Any Device*
*Ok, technically not any device

HeadsUp does not work on 8 track players, casset decks, flip phones, landline phones and brick phones

...and pagers

But if your device has a camera and microphone, you can use HeadsUp

Made in the USA!
HeadsUp is made in America by Americans
Simply Powerful

...Powerfully Simple

There's simply no way to do a video call that's as simple as HeadsUp